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Mortgage broker home loans are riskier than those from banks.

To tackle risk, address how mortgage brokers are paid

Heightened competition among home lenders has prompted the banking regulator to issue a reminder of what constitutes prudent lending, but its suggestion that loans being generated by mortgage brokers should…
The Reserve Bank’s mandate is much broader than that of prudential regulator, APRA. ArchivesACT/Flickr

The case for the Reserve Bank to swallow APRA

One of the major recommendations made by the 1997 Wallis Inquiry into banking was to establish a prudential regulator for the financial sector separate from the Reserve Bank of Australia. The new regulator…
All banking comes with risk, but it could be better disclosed. Shutterstock

Why your bank account should come with a risk rating

What is the interest rate on your savings account? If you don’t know, you can easily find out. Banks advertise their rates prominently. They want you to know what they’re offering. After all, the interest…
Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev announces a record full-year profit of A$7.8 billion, ahead of this week’s $2.1 billion quarterly result. Paul Miller/AAP

Bank profits grow, and so does the criticism. Who’s right?

Like most companies, banks report their profits twice a year. Each time the majors report we see headlines about the size of the profits and implicit or explicit criticism of the amount – this time about…
Had it come out five years ago, APRA’s consultation paper could have left taxpayers footing the bill for BankWest’s collapse in 2008. AAP

Protecting taxpayers from systemic risk should be at the heart of APRA changes

At first glance, a consultation paper released by Treasury last week aimed at strengthening the crisis management powers of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, could pass for a routine tidy-up…
Is a full enquiry into Australia’s banking industry overdue? source: shutterstock. Image sourced from

Debunking the myth of our ‘well-regulated’ banks

A Senate Economics Committee has been reflecting on life after the global financial crisis for Australian banks. The general consensus has been to date that Australian banks escaped the worst of the fall-out…

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