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Bart Pigram, Yawuru owner/operator of Narlijia Experiences Broome, WA, out on Country with visitors. Bart Pigram

‘More than a word’: practising reconciliation through Indigenous knowledge-sharing in tourism

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2021 is ‘More than a word: reconciliation takes action’. Engaging with Aboriginal knowledges is a way to pursue reconciliation as more than a buzzword.
This wooden dish from Broome, pre-1892, was made by Yawuru people, collected by police and later presented by the Commissioner of Police, Colonel Phillips, to the WA Museum. Courtesy of the WA museum

Friday essay: 5 museum objects that tell a story of colonialism and its legacy

A spear-thrower, a shell, a bowl, a vase, a bucket. Five very different items tell us much about the history of collecting, the role of Indigenous experts and the shadow of colonial violence.

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