Babies versus science

Babies versus science

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Babies are not rigid so why is maternity leave?

Max is now approaching 4 months old. So after 14 weeks of maternity leave from the University + 2 weeks of holiday leave + 2 weeks unpaid leave, this week I return to work part-time. I am fortunate to…

Is there ever a good time to have a baby?

Question: Is there ever a good time to have a baby? Answer: Yes … Just prior to the Olympics – it’s great having something other than infomercials to watch while you are up all night feeding or settling…

Are babies the ultimate addiction?

I hated being pregnant – nausea, back pain, severe exhaustion … and I looked like a hippo. The labour and birth were even worse. These days I’m woken throughout the night by a screaming baby and coughing…

The science of raising a perfect child

How long should a child be breastfed? Do heterosexual couples make better parents than same-sex couples? These are two questions that have respectively been thrust into the eye of the popular media storm…