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Babies versus science

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Illusions are fun to look at, but they also provide vision scientists with important insights into the way children experience the world. My children found their world changing colour during a recent visit to my lab.

Why kids knock over drinks and must be careful around cars

Time and time again, an arm shoots out, milk goes flying and a child protests, “it wasn’t my fault!”
With all his needs met, 2-year-old Joe remains the focus of our attention while he sits back and relaxes.

Research suggests motherhood has changed my brain.

A recent study claims that a mother’s brain naturally becomes more specialised to focus on their baby. Reflecting on my own experiences, I consider what this means for parents.
Max all wrapped up and not going anywhere shows all the signs of Sickness Behaviour.

Here’s why your body makes you feel like crap when you’re sick

It is hard to find the words to describe how I feel at the moment because my brain is only working at about 10% capacity. At least I made it to work today. This is an improvement on last week, when I decided…
One blurry photo and four weeks later Joe was in hospital. With no idea about what was coming, he seemed very happy in the wobbly rattling hospital cot.

When your child has to go to hospital it is always hard - even when it is for the best

It is amazing how much can happen in a couple of months. About 10 weeks ago my husband and I started to get the feeling that Joe was favouring his right eye. The more we looked the more we realised that…
Scientists arrive at Parliament House for the annual Science meets Parliament event held this week.

When science meets parliament

When Science meets Parliament it is good to have a Nobel Laureate on your side.
Potatoes for Christmas? Flickr/Lotte Grønkjær

Santa’s dilemma: to give, or not to give … potatoes!

I remember the Santa depicted in the movies being a kind man that spent the entire year making toys to give all the boys and girls. But the songs painted a slightly more cynical picture of a man who used…
Baby Joe (Joseph Christopher Wilson) at 1 day old did nothing but sleep, feed and cry.

Could more equal less when it comes to consciousness and pain?

Will we ever have a scientific measure of consciousness? This was the essay topic I set my student a few months ago – only days before I went on maternity leave for the recent birth of my baby Joe (more…