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Will foreign policy be Romney’s undoing?

“Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first, aim later.” So declared President Obama in an interview this afternoon. And that’s the consensus developing not only in the media but among foreign…

Missing 9/11?

It is currently the 11th of September in America. As in 2001, it is a Tuesday. It coincidentally marks the start of a new round of a project related to terrorism response that I’m working on, and it occurred…

Romney plays the God card

Mitt Rommey has found a new point of attack on the Democrats. It’s not jobs, but God. In his last few stump speeches, Romney has hammered home a simple message. God will be welcome in his White House…

Once more, with feeling

For Team Obama, change is in the air. Not the hope-and-change fever of 2008. That, it’s safe to say, won’t be returning any time soon. But after a year in which Democrats could best be described as “grimly…

USA 2012: the view from Florida

Nine weeks out, we’re in the home stretch of a presidential election that has been going on for well over a year. (At this point in 2011, the Republicans had already held three of their twenty debates…