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End of days on the campaign trail

I do not want to drive down readership, and the polls could always be wrong, but you can put a fork in the presidential race: it’s done. Romney surrogates are already publicly making excuses for losing…

Three reasons to bet on Obama

We all know the polls are even, but here are three reasons to bet on Obama. 1. Just like Bush in 2004 RealClear politics has been running some interesting polls comparing Obama in 2012 and George W. Bush…

Election forecasting

Yes, I am going to tell who is going to win and by how much. But first, in honour of both the devastating weather and crushing polling uncertainty that America has been suffering, I am going to announce…

Should politics stop at the flood waters’ edge?

Since Katrina in 2005, hurricanes have become political events in America. This has occurred in part because Katrina proved so damaging to the Republican Party, and in part because the storms keep making…

The New Year of the Woman?

With Mitt Romney’s (inaccurate) assertion that he requested “binders full of women” to find female appointees to state offices when he was the incoming governor of Massachusetts, so-called “women’s issues…

In 2012, nice guys finish last

Halfway through the debates this election season, it is clear that it pays to be aggressive in 2012. Forceful, even domineering, performances by Governor Romney and Vice President Biden in their respective…

Romney and the Independents

With Mitt Romney rebounding in the polls after his performance in the first presidential debate, there’s clearly a sense of optimism in the Republican camp. But a recent study by the Pew Forum suggests…