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Jang Song Taek, the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was summarily executed by the regime. EPA/Rodong Sinmun

Game of Thrones in Pyongyang: the execution of Jang Song Taek

In a drama reminiscent of George RR Martin’s epic book A Game of Thrones, court politics at the pinnacle of the Kim dictatorship in North Korea have taken a brutal turn with the purge and execution of…
Kim Jong-un’s threats against South Korea and the US have become more dramatic. EPA/Yonhap News Agency

North Korea’s month of bluster: is there method in its ‘madness’?

Western commentators seem generally mesmerised by North Korea’s quixotic behaviour. The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is described as “delusional”, “fruitcake”, “reckless”, and the actions of North Korea’s…
Are moves to put North Korea’s military on its highest alert level just posturing by leader Kim Jong-un? EPA/Rodong Sinmun

Rhetorical storm: North Korean threats turn up the heat

The North Korean government announced yesterday via its Korean Central News Agency that it is placing its “strategic rocket units and long-range artillery units” on their highest alert status. The press…
The fallout from North Korea’s nuclear test will reach beyond its neighbours to the south. AAP/Yonhap

Upping the ante: North Korea’s third nuclear test

Overnight North Korea conducted its third nuclear weapons test. The test came in the wake of a successful long-range rocket launch in December and resulting condemnation from the United Nations Security…
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would find it hard to give up the nuclear program, even if he wanted to, experts said. EPA/KCNA

North Korea nuclear test: the experts respond

North Korea is suspected of conducting their biggest nuclear weapon test yet, after a 4.9 magnitude seismic reading was recorded…
A visit to North Korea by Google chairman EricSchmidt and American ambassador to the UN, Bill Richardson has raised diplomatic concerns.

A North Korean tale: Google, God and the Governor

Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico and American ambassador to the United Nations and Google chairman Eric Schmidt have recently arrived in North Korea on a well-publicised private mission to…
North Korea is playing a high-stakes game with a planned rocket launch this month. EPA/KCNA South Korea

Pay attention to me! The politics of North Korea’s next rocket launch

As the first anniversary of Great Leader Kim Jong Il’s death approaches, North Korea again stands poised to launch another rocket carrying its Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite into space. According to Korean…
Julia Gillard needs to do more to impress in South Korea. AAP/Adam Gartrell

Beyond China: Australia and Asia’s northern democracies

AUSTRALIA IN THE ASIAN CENTURY – A series examining Australia’s role in the rapidly transforming Asian region. Delivered in partnership with the Australian government. Here, Dr Craig Mark - currently based…
A photograph dated 11 October 2010 depicting Kim Jong-il (right) and his putative heir Kim Jung-Un (left). AAP/YNA

The regional impact of Kim Jong-il’s death

Kim Jong-il, the mercurial “Dear Leader” of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), died of heart failure on 17 December 2011, at the age of 69. One could be excused for not believing in the…
Kim Jong-Il has died, leaving son Kim Jong-un in power. Yonhap

Kim Jong-il dead: what next for North Korea?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has died at the official age of 69 (it is believed he was 70). The nation’s “dear leader” was reported by state television to have died on a train trip yesterday morning…

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