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Beautiful machines? Or deadly waste of time? Flickr/RMhowie

The dream of the car is over

I had always been obsessed with cars. To me, cars represented freedom, engineering excellence, modernity, technological brilliance, speed, fun and excitement. I still love cars but not like I used to…
Australia’s film industry, much like the automotive industry, depends on subsidies to survive. phill.d

Protectionism: a matter of national pride

In Australia’s political history, elements of both Coalition and Labor governments have used arguments of cultural identity and national pride to justify policies of economic protectionism. The practice…

Buzz kills

No amount of alcohol seems to be safe for driving, according to a University of California, San Diego study. The study found…

Child car safety seats not foolproof

Children as young as three can unbuckle their car seat restraints placing them at significantly increased risk of harm in…

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