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The ability to achieve native-like language proficiency cannot be exclusively attributed to age as other factors, such as cognitive, social and emotional aspects, are important.

Why younger is not always better when it comes to learning English

Second-language learners from different age groups seem to have equal chances of becoming highly proficient speakers as long as they are placed in a supportive environment.
Room lights in a hotel form the shape of a heart in Jakarta on April 25 2020. The lights were turned on as a symbol of support, gratitude and love for medical workers on the front line of handling the COVD-19 pandemic. Rifqi Riyanto/INA Photo Agency/Sipa USA/AAP

Coronavirus weekly: leaders should heed experts and inspire the public to fight COVID-19

Democracies such as the United States, Italy and Spain, as well as Indonesia, have so far failed to control the spread of the virus.
Located on the Ring of Fire, Indonesia is prone to natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. YT Haryono/Reuters

Why political will is important to reduce risks of disaster

What is political will or political commitment to disaster risk reduction? Why is it important to measure political commitment? And how to measure it?
Indonesia needs to carry out rigorous contact tracing to make sure those who risk spreading the disease can be tested and isolated. Sipa USA Algi Febri Sugita / SOPA Images/

How social scientists in Indonesia can help epidemiologists do COVID-19 contact tracing

Social science researchers can help make sure contact tracing is carried out in all provinces in Indonesia.
A nurse looks out of the isolation room for patients infected with COVID-19 at Undata Hospital, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia March 3, 2020. EPA/OPAN BUSTAN

Without major intervention, Indonesia could have 71,000 COVID-19 cases by April’s end

Massive COVID-19 rapid testing is starting this week in the several cities and regencies of coronavirus hot spot of Jakarta, West Java and Banten focusing on vulnerable groups.

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