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The abdication of Dutch monarch Queen Beatrix to her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, will end 115 consecutive years of female reign. EPA/Jerry Lampen

The Queen has retired – long live the King! A new Dutch monarch

April 30, 2013 - the annual Queen’s Day holiday - is an important date for the Dutch monarchy. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will formally abdicate her throne in favour of her son and heir, Willem-Alexander…
14 years after the referendum for Australia to become a republic was defeated, where is the republican movement in Australia going? AAP/Alan Porritt

Where to for an Australian republic?

The following is based on a speech delivered at the launching of Labor for a Republic in Sydney last night. Let me begin my address this evening with a seemingly obvious point – there is nothing inevitable…
Elizabeth has reached a milestone only one other Monarch has achieved. EPA/Leon Neal

Jubilee Queens: Elizabeth and Victoria’s diamond reigns

This weekend, Britain will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Bunting and cream cakes will turn neighbourhood roads into street parties and a flotilla of 1,000 boats will sail down the…
The popularity of the Queen and the Royal Family mean the republic movement is going nowhere fast. AAP Image/Colin Murty

Time to move on: Roxon’s republic moment has already passed

Nicola Roxon, sworn in last week as the first law officer of the Australian Crown, reportedly plans to reignite the debate on Australia becoming a republic. Former prime minister, Paul Keating has also…

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