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Protected time for new families could pay health dividends later. Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Paid family leave is an investment in public health, not a handout

The transition to parenthood comes with plenty of stress. A psychology researcher suggests that paid family leave could help lift some of the burden – with positive health benefits down the road.
It’s not easy to walk away from an abusive relationship without the support of a flexible employer. AAP Image/Angela Brkic

Paid domestic violence leave: how do other countries do it?

It’s uncommon internationally for workers to have a statutory right to paid domestic violence leave, but things may be shifting.
But what awaits her at home? Dell's Official Flickr page

Leaning in at work and at home: why workplace policies matter

The latter part of the twentieth century saw a dramatic increase in women’s participation in the workforce as well as a rise in ideological support for women’s employment in the United States. However…

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