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Don Argus’s focus on industrial relations overlooks the real issues behind slowing productivity growth. AAP

Don Argus blames IR for productivity slump - but are other factors at work?

Former BHP Billiton Chairman Don Argus has blamed inflexible industrial relations laws for Australia’s lagging productivity, describing the Gillard Government’s economic reform agenda as “lazy”. Argus…

Mentoring increases productivity

Orientation and mentoring programs help incoming employees adjust to their new workplace quicker, according to researchers…
Investment in Australia’s ports is one obvious priority to enhance growth - but let’s broaden our outlook.

With the NBN locked in, it’s time to bridge our infrastructure gaps

There has been much debate in the popular and political discourse on the state of our national infrastructure. The general consensus, despite Victoria’s Baillieu government’s failure to put forth any proposals…
Treasury Secretary Dr Martin Parkinson has said boosting Australia’s productivity is essential. AAP

Act on productivity now or see decades of reform go to waste

In his address to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference last week, Treasury Secretary Dr Martin Parkinson called for a renewed focus on boosting Australia’s falling productivity to ensure living standards…
Turning off the taps means we spend less, but is that bad? Flickr/siette

Economists want water conservation to dry up

The Productivity Commission’s recent report on Australia’s urban water sector sets out the economic case for reform. One reform they suggest: remove water conservation measures. In Melbourne, most people…
Significant: Ken Henry’s tax review deserves to be on the national agenda. AAP

Put Henry Review reforms back on political agenda

The Henry Review released in May last year provided the Commonwealth and state governments with a wealth of good ideas for reform, yet so far the political processes have failed to deliver reforms. Why…
Brisbane’s Clem7 tunnel - a PPP too far? AAP

Putting PPPs in their place

Recent reports that the Queensland government may build its $2B Sunshine Coast hospital by using a public-private partnership appear to indicate a continuing love affair with this form of funding. State…

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