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A growing number of businesses across a wide range of industries are successfully selling voyeurism to their audiences. (Shutterstock)

Selling voyeurism: How companies create value from the taboo

Voyeurism provides a glimpse into the private life of another person to give audiences a revealing and entertaining experience.
The Sunwing saga highlighted the role of influencers, which in this case was negative, but they are still considered role models followers identify with, or whose example they want to follow. (Unsplash/Mateus Campo Felipe)

Sunwing saga: Why do influencers have so much sway?

Influencers fill emotional and information needs. They are perceived as role models followers identify with, or whose example they want to follow.
Usher, shown speaking in 2019 at an event hosted by the nonprofit he started, and two other celebrities shot five episodes of the canceled series. Paras Griffin/Getty Images

‘The Activist’ reality TV show sparked furor, but treating causes as commodities with help from celebrities happens all the time

The producers are recasting the show as a documentary. The original version would have done more harm than good for the causes being showcased, two scholars argue.
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women have started telling their own stories via social media, challenging television’s sometimes one-sided depictions of their lives. rfranca/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Netflix’s ‘My Unorthodox Life’ spurred ultra-Orthodox Jewish women to talk publicly about their lives

The #MyOrthodoxLife movement challenges both mainstream and ultra-Orthodox media to tell more nuanced and complex stories about Jewish women.

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