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Eating less and exercising works for people who need to lose a little weight but not necessarily for people who’ve carried a lot of excess weight for a long time. Ed Yourdon/Flickr

How close are we to the fat-fighting drugs we need?

There will always be people extolling the virtues of eating less and moving more for weight loss. But while this may work for overweight people or the newly obese, it’s woefully inadequate for most people…
Find a healthy eating regime you can stick to. foshydog/Flickr

Health Check: what’s the best diet for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, there are no magic tricks that guarantee success. What works for you is likely to be different to what works for your partner, neighbour or workmate. The best advice is to…
Bariatric surgery is the last-line option for weight loss. Chris J/FLickr

Explainer: the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery

You don’t need an expert to tell you obesity has become a major health problem worldwide. The World Health Organisation estimates 35% of the world’s adults are overweight and 11% obese, double the rate…
If we’re fit, does it matter what we weigh? Image from

Viewpoints: can you be healthy at any weight?

Australians are getting heavier and, as a result, are more likely to suffer life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes. But should we be worried about a bit of excess weight…
Meat, anyone? Shutterstock

Caveman cravings? Rating the paleo diet

Over the years, hundreds of diet books have claimed to have the perfect recipe for decreasing the national girth. They manipulate quantities of protein, fats or carbohydrates and most work in the short…
Your fat isn’t burning: try harder. NTT Docomo

Fat breath: Japan develops a weight loss breathalyser

A Japanese research team claims to have developed a pocket-sized device that reveals if your body is burning fat in real time by measuring the amount of acetone on the breath. The prototype device is aimed…
New findings have emerged on the impact of weight discrimination on weight gain and loss. puuikibeach

Discrimination against fat people increases the likelihood of weight gain

Research published in PLOS ONE this morning has found that people who experience discrimination based on their weight are likely to gain more of it. Similarly, negative attitudes lead people who are obese…
Participants who did shorter bursts more regularly felt up to 32% fuller between 1pm and 3pm. Image from

Short bursts of exercise key to feeling full

Short bouts of intermittent exercise throughout the day may be better than one vigorous workout in convincing your brain…
People on the diet need to restrict intake of calories on fasting days. Martin Lee

Here’s the skinny on fasting for weight loss – the 5:2 diet

The “new” weight-loss strategy known as the 5:2 diet has been receiving much attention in the media since the book The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer…
Doctors are not morally obliged to ensure patients follow their advice. Image from

Drawing the line on doctors’ responsibility for patients

The NSW Supreme Court decision to overturn damages awarded to an obese man whose doctor failed to refer him for specialist care to help him lose weight has been widely welcomed by medical and legal experts…
Some GPs are reluctant to broach the issue of weight for fear of offending their patients; others aren’t convinced by the evidence. Image from

Are GPs doing enough to help patients lose weight?

Almost two-thirds (62%) of Australian adults and one fifth (21%) of children aged five to nine years are either overweight or obese. The prevalence has increased by 5% in the last decade and is strongly…
Excess kilojoules, rather than dietary fat, leads to weight gain. Image from

Monday’s medical myth: low-fat diets are better for weight loss

If food is labelled low fat, it’s got to be better for weight loss, right? Wrong – it’s the total kilojoules that matter most for weight loss. Looking solely at fat content only gives you part of the picture…

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