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Confidence numbers reflect many are waiting to see if it’s safe to invest. Image sourced from

Vital Signs: economy in a holding pattern

The economic news of the week wasn't that bad - but there's still plenty of timid types around.
Treasurer Joe Hockey must weigh all aspects of Australia’s economy in his budget. AAP/Lukas Coch

Budget explainer: the forces influencing Australia’s economy

As we head into the federal budget tonight, all eyes will be on how the Coalition government might tackle some challenging economic data affecting Australia's economy.
Business confidence is largely based on gut-feel, but the good news is, it can be manipulated. Image sources from

An economist’s guide to business and consumer confidence

It would seem odd that the guesses of a random collection of people inform economic policy. But there's more to consumer sentiment than that.
The presence of Al Gore with Clive Palmer raised eyebrows, but demonstrated Palmer’s political acumen.

Palmer’s climate play and what it means for business

Clive Palmer has been an easy target for some to lampoon, but this week he has proved himself to be a shrewd political operator. Who would have guessed that Palmer would forge a partnership with a former…
Treasurer Joe Hockey admits the government’s ‘open for business’ promise must be followed up with action. Alan Porritt/AAP

Abbott’s ‘open for business’ honeymoon is over

From a three-and-a-half year high last month, business confidence data for October shows the post-election honeymoon is over, with business conditions continuing to underperform in non-mining sectors…
Retail trade is up by a “surprisingly robust” 0.4%, and business confidence continues to grow. AAP/Yvette Kelly

Business survey signals good times ahead, while they last

The national survey of business expectations for the December quarter is out and it’s certain to bring happy smiles to the newly-elected government. Businesses are expecting sales to increase in the coming…

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