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Staghorn coral spawns near North Key Largo, Fla. Liv Williamson/University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science via AP

The world’s fourth mass coral bleaching is underway, but well-connected reefs may have a better chance to recover

Coral reefs share genetic material across wide areas, with help from ocean currents. This ability is especially important during episodes like the mass bleaching currently occurring.
Pacific herring swimming through a bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) forest on Vancouver Island, B.C. (Fernando Lessa)

Why some of British Columbia’s kelp forests are in more danger than others

Kelp forests around the world, and in Canada, are under threat. New research sheds further light on the health, and resilience, of these crucial ecosystems.
Regenerative agricultural strategies can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from food production, restore local ecosystems and enhance community well-being. (Shutterstock)

How nature-based knowledge can restore local ecosystems and improve community well-being

In the face of growing social and environmental challenges, organizations in the food and agriculture sector are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration.

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