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‘Is this a hack-ney carriage?’ ‘As your lawyer I advise you to say nothing at all Andy’. EPA/Sean Dempsey

Coulson acquittal – beginning of the end game of Leveson?

The acquittal of former News of the World editor and Cameron spin doctor-in-chief Andy Coulson on perjury charges at the high court in Edinburgh appears to have hinged largely on a phrase uttered by the…
Resurgent title: The Sunday Times. Supplied

Sunday Times a resurgent jewel in Murdoch’s battered crown

Last year was evidently a traumatic time for many journalists who worked for the Sun and the News of the World during the Brooks and Coulson era. Arrests, prosecutions, convictions (and in some case acquittals…
Digital native. The Guardian

Making the news: how Alan Rusbridger became a story

At 16.38 on December 10th 2014, the casual viewer of BBC News24 may been forgiven for thinking that news had finally eaten itself. For there, on the screen, was the breaking news announcement: GUARDIAN…
Nick Davies: ‘the Woodward or Bernstein of British journalism’. PA Wire

Hack Attack: brickbats and bouquets for reporter who broke hacking scandal

Nick Davies is a hero for my generation of journalists and many generations of younger reporters. He can be fairly characterised as a Woodward or Bernstein of British “quality” journalism. Davies decided…
The 18-month jail sentence imposed on Andy Coulson in the UK phone hacking trial raises questions about the value attached to people’s personal information. EPA/Will oliver

Crime and punishment must keep up with the Information Economy

If someone breaks into your home and steals your possessions, it’s a crime you can easily understand. Most crimes are offences against property or the person. Even crimes such as defamation are attacks…

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