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Today’s court decision is an important win for Google – and society. Horia Varlan

Google Books wins ‘fair use’ but Australian copyright lags

Australia wants to foster innovation in a digital economy, but our copyright laws discourage businesses from investing in new technologies and make it harder for individuals to access the knowledge upon…
As Arena celebrates 50 years in print, we need independent publications more than ever. Micah68

Arena at 50: still a model for intellectual activism

It’s intelligent. It’s left-wing. It’s pathbreaking. It’s non-commercial. It’s fiercely autonomous and it has loyal readers. Arena is the kind of media entity that, in the world of Rupert Murdoch and Tony…
Publishing a peer-reviewed paper isn’t easy, but new research confirms it’s worth the fight. Cartoon by Nick Kim, Massey University, Wellington

Predicting who will publish or perish as career academics

It doesn’t matter whether or not you think it’s fair: if you’re an academic, your publishing record will have a crucial impact on your career. It can profoundly affect your prospects for employment, for…
The secrets neuroscientists unlock about a cat’s brain will simply be locked up again, behind paywalls. mayoofka

Neuroscientists need to embrace open access publishing too

His eyes brighten and his voice rises as he tells me about his latest results. He is excited. He should be. His lab is unravelling the details of how new memories are formed in the brain. Then I ask him…
It may not be to everyone’s taste, but open is the way of the future. biblioteekje

Open publishing is happening – the only question is how

Tectonic shifts are happening in the way scientific research is done. These changes, and the ways they may eventually affect us all, are chronicled in a new collection of articles commissioned by Nature…
Publishers have made journal subscriptions prohibitively expensive, says Harvard Library. Frederik Questier, Yanna Van Wesemael

Harvard: journal subscription fees are prohibitive

Harvard Library says it can no longer afford the vast cost of academic journal subscriptions, and has advised staff at the…
Traditional publishing methods could soon be a thing of the past. Unhindered by talent

Academic publishing must go digital to survive

Most forms of publishing across the globe are in a state of flux. But university-based scholarly publishing faces a set of challenges all of its own. How can an industry whose target audience is so highly…

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