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Solar is now a viable industry that should be taken seriously. AFP Photo/Sakis Mitrolidis

Solar will force coal and nuclear out of the energy business

A solar energy revolution is brewing that will put the coal and nuclear industries out of business. Solar is already reaching price parity with coal in many parts of Australia. In contrast to coal and…
A renewables boom is on the horizon for Australia. Adrian S Jones/flickr

Australia must act now on renewables or be left behind

Last week, Griffith University’s Vlado Vivoda argued that renewable energy “makes no economic or political sense” for Australia. While we welcome Vivoda’s contribution to the national energy policy debate…
We can use renewable energy even when the sun doesn’t shine. Martin Cathrae/flickr

Renewable energy can provide baseload power - here’s how

The myth that renewable energy sources can’t meet baseload (24-hour per day) demand has become widespread. After all, the wind doesn’t blow all the time, and there’s no sunlight at night. But detailed…
Four times Australia’s GDP could be hiding in here. AAP

Will rare earth elements power our clean energy future?

Rare earth elements (REEs), for so long ignored by big mining companies, have recently become incredibly popular. But, contrary to what their names suggests, they are not particularly rare. They do, however…
Researchers hope to create implanted medical devices, like pacemakers, that can be powered with glucose. Flickr

Powered by sugar: scientists report glucose biofuel cell breakthrough

Scientists have created a glucose-powered biofuel cell that is five to 10 times more powerful than existing cells and lasts weeks longer, paving the way for implanted medical devices that run on the body’s…
Direct geothermal energy provides more than half this Vienna building’s heating and cooling requirements. Energietecknik GmbH & Co, Vienna

Direct geothermal energy could be key to our clean energy future

While direct geothermal energy is extensively used in other countries, it is rarely encountered in Australia. This might be because we have cheap sources of energy (although, regrettably, not the cleanest…
Researchers hope to use piezoelectricity – which is generated by mechanical pressure such as fingers tapping a screen or blood pressure – to power gadgets like iPads or pacemakers. Flickr

Could blood pressure power pacemakers in future?

That tangled collection of chargers could one day be obsolete, as Australian researchers report a breakthrough that brings us closer to a world where gadgets are recharged every time you press them. Scientists…
Plants are expert photosynthesisers, but humans are catching up. Galactic Circus Diplodocus/Flickr

New global solar fuel project to improve on photosynthesis

Plants have been making fuel and food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for billions of years. Oil, coal, wood and natural gas can be called “old-photosynthesis” fuels. As the human population approaches…

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