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NASA’s Artemis I Space Launch System rocket, with the Orion capsule attached, launches at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on November 16, 2022 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Outer space: Rwanda and Nigeria sign an accord for more responsible exploration – why this matters

As signatories, Nigeria and Rwanda are demonstrating their commitment to safe, sustainable use of outer space. This should have multiple benefits.
A forensic anthropologist analyses exhumed bones removed from a mass grave in one of Guatemala City’s largest cemeteries, La Verbena, in 2011. Rodrigo Abd/AP

Reading the bones of the dead: the painstaking, painful process of returning genocide victims to their families

Forensic anthropologist Alexa Hagerty’s work faced her with the brutality of the genocides in Guatemala and in Argentina’s “Dirty War” – and with the bureaucratic violence of state institutions.
Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Rwandan minister for foreign affairs, Vincent Biruta, sign an enhanced partnership deal in Kigali, during her visit to Rwanda in March 2023. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

‘A toxic policy with little returns’ – lessons for the UK-Rwanda deal from Australia and the US

Anthropological fieldwork into ‘outsourced’ asylum measures in Nauru and Guatemala reveal how they actually work - and don’t work - in practice.

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