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Lock up your sheep. USFWSmidwest

Wolf cull backfires as wild canines feast on farm animals

Wolves, lions and other large carnivores rely on meat for sustenance and there are only so many wild animals to go round. Sometimes, dinner means cow or sheep. Farmers can use guard dogs or protective…
Duran, Duran, anyone? Dawn Villella/AP

Bears, wolves, lynx – Europe is going wild

Europe, the world’s most industrialised and intensively managed continent, is going wild. During the past three decades it has witnessed conservation successes with the most unexpected species: Europe…
The next Ella Fitzgerald? Every wolf has a distinctive soulful style. C Young Photography

Wolves howl like humans, new voice recognition study shows

The ominous howl of the wolf has long been a source of fear and fascination for mankind. But new research shows they are…

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