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Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University has a long-standing reputation as a research-led university. Its researchers are at the forefront of innovation and the impact of the University’s research has far-reaching international benefits. Ranging from combating climate change, improving food quality and food production, promoting human and animal health, to developing artificial intelligence and helping to advance space exploration, Aberystwyth academics are undertaking research which has a transformational impact on the wider world.

95% of the work Aberystwyth University submitted to the last Research Excellence Framework was deemed to be of an internationally recognised standard or higher.


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Le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelenskyy participe à une cérémonie de lever du drapeau national à Izium, en Ukraine, le mercredi 14 septembre 2022. Il y a un an, alors que les forces russes fonçaient sur la capitale ukrainienne, les dirigeants occidentaux craignaient pour la vie du président Volodymyr Zelenskyy et les États-Unis lui ont offert une voie d'évasion. Zelenskyy a refusé, déclarant son intention de rester et de défendre l'indépendance de l'Ukraine. (AP Photo/Leo Correa, File)

Un an après l'invasion de l'Ukraine, voici comment Volodymyr Zelensky est devenu le héros improbable de la nation

Une spécialiste de l’héroïsme explique pourquoi les nations en conflit ont besoin de ces figures.
The late Yvonne Fox dressed as legendary pitchforked Welshwoman, Jemima Nicholas. Nancy Hoyt Belcher/Alamy

The last invasion of Britain wasn’t in 1066

The last invasion of Britain involved bungled military plans, sozzled soldiers and a legendary Welshwoman wielding a pitchfork.
The Welsh name Yr Wyddfa is now used for the mountain instead of Snowdon by the national park authority. Malgosia Janicka/Shutterstock.

Welsh place names are being erased – and so are the stories they tell

Welsh place names often reflect local legends, fauna and topography. The coining of English names to replace them has sparked an ongoing campaign to protect them.
Vladimir Putin holds a face-to-face meeting with mothers of servicemen serving with the Russian army in Ukraine, at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence on November 25 2022. Mikhail Metzel/Kremlin Pool/Alamy Live News

Ukraine war: why Russian soldiers’ mothers aren’t demonstrating the strong opposition they have in previous conflicts

Opposition to the Ukrainian war from Russian soldiers’ mothers has so far been muted.


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