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The world’s poorest countries will be hit hardest by climate hazards and climate change driven extreme weather events. Getty Images/ Luis Dafos

Five ways in which finance for climate adaptation in Africa falls short

Without financial support that helps communities adapt to climate impacts, climate change is projected to push tens of millions more Africans into extreme poverty by 2030.
Le dioxyde de carbone, émis notamment par la combustion des énergies fossiles, a une longue durée de vie dans l’atmosphère. Effective stock photos/Shutterstock

Climat : pourquoi agir sur les gaz à effet de serre de courte durée peut faire la différence

Tous les gaz à effet de serre (GES) n’affectant pas la température globale de la même manière, il est essentiel d’adapter l’action climatique.
MNBB Studio / Shutterstock

Trabajador 4.0 = humano + tecnología

Los humanos seguiremos siendo necesarios en las fábricas, incluso cuando los robots sean algo habitual. Los futuros trabajadores contarán con soporte técnico y serán más fuertes, más inteligentes y estarán constantemente conectados.
Technology can help workers in many ways. Romero, Stahre, Wuest, et al.

Introducing ‘Operator 4.0,’ a tech-augmented human worker

People will still be needed on factory floors, even as robots become more common. Future operators will have technical support and be super-strong, super-smart and constantly connected.
Phantom limb pain may be a thing of the past for amputees, thanks to research out today. Jiuck/Flickr (cropped)

Phantom menace: augmented reality eases missing limb pain

Many amputees experience pain in their missing limbs, but allowing them to “see” their missing limbs in action through augmented reality technology may help alleviate this phantom limb pain (PLP), a case…


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