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Durham University

Durham University is a world top 100 university with a global reputation and performance in research and education.

Durham is a member of the Russell Group of leading research-intensive UK universities and the most recent UK league tables place Durham in the top echelon of British universities academically (QS and THE World University Rankings 2016/17).

Research at Durham shapes local, national and international agendas, and directly informs the teaching of our students

The University is ranked fourth in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 and ranked 39th globally for the employability of its students by blue-chip companies world-wide (QS World University Rankings 2016/17).


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Girl or boy? Mum has the final say. PA

Mammalian mums control the sex of their offspring

With the royal baby due soon, there is much speculation on whether the family will be welcoming a Prince or a Princess of Cambridge. But perhaps science can tell us the answer, as new research from Stanford…
Hacker to mastercrook by way of HMP Pentonville. DFectuoso

Locking up hackers could do more harm than good

Following an agreement in the European Parliament on the 4th July, EU countries are to strengthen their domestic laws against the more serious forms of cyber-crime. We can now expect to see prison sentences…
Back to the old school with Michael Gove. paul clarke

A contradiction at the heart of Gove’s curriculum

Education Secretary Michael Gove announced yesterday that the National Curriculum for schools in England is to be overhauled, with a new subject structure and lists of content. Gove’s curriculum includes…
Where can I plug in my laptop? Courtrooms are due a digital makeover Fayerollinson

Paper-hungry courts put on digital diet

The UK courts are to be dragged into the 21st century with a £160 million investment to help them go digital. Announcing its plans, the Ministry of Justice revealed that the courts get through a staggering…
Slave farm: Green Acres caravan park where people were forced to work for no pay. Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Forced labour is rife in Britain, now what are we going to do about it?

When the recent textile factory disasters in Bangladesh revealed the conditions in which thousands of workers toil to bring the world cheap clothing, many of us decided we could do without some of the…
We still don’t know what works when it comes to opening up universities.

Cuts to diversity spending are no great loss for universities

In his spending review, Chancellor George Osborne announced cuts to the universities budget, targeted mainly at funding used to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply for university…
Dusty breeze from this black hole might be a star one day. ESO-M Kornmesser

Dust escaping from black holes may go on to form stars

Matter escaping from the clutches of mysterious black holes may be responsible for forming stars, according to new research that explores how galaxies are formed. Much has been learnt about black holes…
Competition and integration in the NHS are chalk and cheese. Flickr/Foomandoonian

Integrating health and social care needs cash as well as talk

Foundation essay: This article on the relationship between health and social care in the UK by Bob Hudson, Professor of Applied Social Science at Durham University, is part of a series marking the launch…
Mosquito nets can protect at-risk children from malaria. Flickr: YoHandy

Poorest children twice as likely to catch malaria

About half of the world’s population are at risk of contracting malaria. In 2011, there were 26m reported cases and more than 100,000 deaths. Children are especially vulnerable though the disease is both…
Nothing to hide? Really?

Explainer: the right to privacy in the UK

How long ago did we acquire the right to privacy? When was it formalised? In this country it would be only in the year 2000, the year in which the Human Rights Act came into force; it incorporated the…
Odd one out: why only one woman on the Supreme Court? John Stillwell/PA Wire

Judgment day for gender: is diversity crucial in court?

While few would now argue against the importance of a diverse judiciary, do women judges, or judges from minority backgrounds, change the actual substance of judicial decision-making? In other words, do…
How many MPs? Don’t rely on the citizenship test for an answer - you’ll fail. PA Wire

UK citizenship test is inconsistent and riddled with errors

When I took the UK citizenship test in 2009, I got the number of MPs in the House of Commons wrong, not because I didn’t know the answer, but because the Home Office didn’t. Preparing for the test was…
The law and your laptop: extreme porn legislation goes both too far and not far enough. Nelson Biago Jnr

Rape should be ‘extreme’ enough for English porn laws

Five years after the government enacted a controversial law criminalising the possession of extreme pornography, it is clear that the legislation is deeply flawed, not least because it fails to cover pornographic…
Testing times: getting rid of coursework will be a bigger advantage for boys than for girls, experts think. Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Gove education plan is a curate’s egg few will want to eat

Nothing official has been said, but there have been enough leaks, previews and hints about Michael Gove’s vision for an overhaul of the GCSE exam system that all sides have a pretty good idea of what he…
The real problem in care for the elderly is not so much about protection from costs as eligibility for council help. PA/John Stillwell

Capping elderly care costs won’t matter if no-one can qualify

Despite a big overhaul in the way care for the elderly will be funded, there are still fears that it isn’t enough and we’re surely “heading towards disaster”. The government is keen to emphasise the importance…
Humans and spider monkeys are the only primate species without a penis bone. Chris Makarsky

The human penis is a puzzler, no bones about it

The penis. It comes in so many different shapes and sizes … and that’s just in humans. As you would imagine, different species have very different penises. The males in most mammal species, including cats…


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