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Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

A significant number of New Zealanders overestimate sea-level rise — and that could stop them from taking action

Survey respondents who overestimated the amount and speed of sea-level rise were more likely to express greater concern. But concern is not always helpful in prompting action.
Selama Pliosen, sepertiga lapisan es Antartika mencair, menyebabkan kenaikan permukaan laut sebesar 20 meter. from, CC BY-ND

Bila pemanasan global melebihi 2°C, lelehan es Antarktika bisa menaikkan muka laut hingga 20 meter

Penelitian terbaru menunjukkan pemanasan lebih dari 2°C menjadi titik penting bagi lapisan es di Antarktika, yaitu pencairan es secara besar-besar dan perubahan garis pantai di masa mendatang.
During the Pliocene, up to one third of Antarctica’s ice sheet melted, causing sea-level rise of 20 metres. from

If warming exceeds 2°C, Antarctica’s melting ice sheets could raise seas 20 metres in coming centuries

New research shows that warming by more than 2°C could be a tipping point for Antarctica’s ice sheets, resulting in widespread meltdown and changes to the world’s shorelines for centuries to come.


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