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We now know the exact age of a species that confounds scientists. Lee Berger/University of the Witwaterstrand

Putting meat on the bones of Au. sediba, our oldest ancestor

Since its discovery in August 2008, the site of Malapa in Johannesburg has yielded more than 220 bones of early hominins representing at least six individuals, including the remains of babies, juveniles…
Equal pay is a test case for employers, who frequently appear not to recognise gender pay disparity. AAP

Why the gender pay gap remains invisible for employers

Last week’s Equal Pay Day highlighted the fact that despite decades of supposed reform, women’s average full-time weekly earnings remains 17.2% below men. Is this obvious to our employers? Worryingly…
Rugby union’s potential demise has been greatly exaggerated.

Rugby union football in the 21st century: quo vadis?

Rumours of the demise of rugby union are a bit like those of Mark Twain’s “first” death - greatly exaggerated. The recent and sudden appearance of a hybrid rugby code ⎯ supported by Mark Ella and played…
Despite the success of the State of Origin, rugby league still lags behind the AFL in terms of popularity. AAP

How bad governance is holding rugby league back

The move to establish an independent commission to run rugby league is a long overdue acknowledgement that strong corporate governance is essential in the small but intensely competitive Australian market…
Money is the key theme across the climate change debate: what happened to sustainability? louisa catlover/flickr

A clean energy future should be about more than money

The Government’s equation for creating a prosperous and sustainable Australia includes four key factors: carbon price, renewable energy, energy efficiency and land use efficiency. But it is evident that…
Unrestrained girth … sorry, mirth: MasterChef judges are tough but fair.

MasterChef - a dash of free market, with a pinch of salt

In the 1980s Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko arguably became a neoliberal pin-up when he uttered the phrase: “Greed…is good. Greed works.” Fast forward to 2011 and there appears to be another creed: “Cream…

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