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How can publishers support the authors of trauma memoirs, as they unpack their pain for the public? New research investigates

What is the responsibility of the publisher – and the many readers hungry for trauma memoirs – towards the authors who re-live their trauma to write their books? Some are calling for a new approach.

Spotting plastic waste from space and counting the fish in the seas: here’s how AI can help protect the oceans

Humans are expert pattern-finders. But artificial intelligence tools are better at trawling through vast data sets to find anything from waste dumps to heat-tolerant corals.
Le grand glacier d'Aletsch, en Suisse, est long de 23 km et se trouve dans le site du patrimoine mondial des Alpes suisses Jungfrau-Aletsch. Il est en tête de la liste des glaciers des Alpes européennes en termes de longueur et de taille, mais depuis le milieu du 19e siècle, il a perdu plus de 25 % de son volume. Jo in Riederalp/Wikipedia

Le changement climatique, un prisme nécessaire pour penser la réforme du système du patrimoine mondial

La hausse des températures et les phénomènes météorologiques extrêmes constitue une menace existentielle pour de nombreux sites du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO.
Switzerland’s Great Aletsch Glacier is 23km long and located in the World Heritage site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. It leads the list of glaciers in the European Alps in terms of length and size, yet since the mid-19th century, it has lost more than 25% of its volume. Jo in Riederalp/Wikipedia

Climate change must be a catalyst for reform of the World Heritage system

Rising temperatures and extreme weather pose an existential threat to many UNESCO World Heritage sites, but widespread discussion is needed for meaningful change.


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