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Eating a typical Western diet high in fat and sugar is bad for our memory, including remembering whether or not we’re full. from

High fat and sugar diets stop us from feeling full

When we eat a meal, we take for granted that we should feel full afterwards. But eating a diet high in sugar and fat makes it harder for our body to tell if we are full or not.

BBSW – too dumb to understand?

The reactions of ANZ and Westpac management to recent legal actions by ASIC alleging manipulation of the Bank Bill Swap Rate (BBSW) benchmark are instructive of the attitudes of the major banks. ANZ wheeled…

Banking – the culture wars

It’s official, it’s war. David Murray kicked the war off this week with his rather immoderate potshot at the corporate regulator, ASIC, for its efforts to address banking culture And to be perfectly candid…
A new TV show would have us believe a powerful hypnotist can make us do whatever he says while we are powerless to resist or even realise. Evan/Flickr

Don’t believe everything you see on TV: hypnosis is less far fetched and far more important

The new TV show You're Back in the Room would have us believe a powerful hypnotist can make us do whatever he says. This is inconsistent with over 200 years of evidence from the science of hypnosis.

Interactive: profiles of the cabinet and shadow cabinet

We asked our experts to appraise the political and policy performances of the federal cabinet and shadow cabinet.

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