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Established in 1964, Macquarie University is a major Australian public teaching and research university. It is a dynamic, flexible and engaged university committed to excellence in teaching and global citizenship with a large and growing investment in research.


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AAP/Dean Lewins

Banks and government on warning

Regulators tend to talk in convoluted riddles, deliberately torturing the language such that one is able to read into their official statements almost anything one wants. Who can forget the patron saint…
The ABC has, in general, been able to withstand the pressures and (less common) interventions of governments or media barons. AAP/Joel Carrett

Cost of Q&A compromise to ABC independence remains to be seen

The history of the ABC reveals battles lost and won around censorship, concessions made in times of crisis and independence compromised or overturned.
Australians are living and working longer, marrying later and earning more that past generations. Hamed Masoumi/Flickr

Australia’s changing profile: fewer divorces, higher incomes, more rental stress

Divorce rates are on the decline in Australia, people are marrying and having children later in life, and more of us live alone. Our experts respond to the new report on Australia's welfare.
A greynurse shark complete with a tracking device - scientifically the best way to keep tabs on what sharks are up to. AAP Image/NSW Ministery for Agriculture and Fisheries

Mike Baird is right, culling sharks doesn’t work – here’s what we can do instead

Calls are growing louder for a shark cull in New South Wales. But like in Western Australia, which infamously experimented with culling last year, a NSW cull would harm sharks while failing to protect people.
Australian surfer Mick Fanning, seen here surfing at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast, has decided to change the colour of his surfboard. No more yellow. AAP Image/Jesse Little

Mick Fanning changes his surfboard colour from ‘yum yum yellow’

The recent shark attack was enough to convince Australian surfer Mick Fanning that the colour of his surfboard may have been a factor. But what do sharks actually see in the water?
How do you judge a good teacher? from

Can good teaching be measured and should it be rewarded?

The recent UK budget announced plans to allow universities that exemplify good teaching to increase their caps on fees, meaning they will be financially rewarded for good teaching practice. But how do you measure this?

Unleash the Gorilla!

The successful conviction of LIBOR ‘ringmaster’, Tom Hayes, is a much needed win for the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), which had been under pressure for its lacklustre performance over many years. But…
US President Barack Obama has unveiled the United States' most comprehensive climate policy so far. EPA/Michael Reynolds/AAP

Obama takes ‘biggest step’ on US climate policy: experts react

US President Barack Obama's new climate plan aims to cut greenhouse emissions from the nation's coal-dominated power sector by 32% by 2030. Will it get through, and how will it affect this year's climate talks?

IOOF - Protecting the Whistle-blower

The IOOF circus is back in town and the performance of the stars promises to be even more entertaining than last time. The story so far. In December 2014, an employee of IOOF, which runs the second largest…

Australian banks are still too big to fail

Last week, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) issued an information paper comparing the capital ratios of Australian banks against 98 international competitors, noting that the largest…

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    For 35 years, Macquarie University’s Applied Finance Centre has delivered graduate applied finance education.  4,700 alumni…

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    Macquarie University is a workplace like no other. From our inception we have crossed traditional boundaries. We developed…

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    Macquarie University is a workplace like no other. From our inception we have crossed traditional boundaries. We developed…

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