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Established in 1964, Macquarie University is a major Australian public teaching and research university. It is a dynamic, flexible and engaged university committed to excellence in teaching and global citizenship with a large and growing investment in research.


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Another day, Another IT failure

St George Bank ruined a lot of bank holiday plans this weekend when their online banking systems stopped working. The bank’s Internet systems appear to have stopped working on Sunday evening and were still…
Herbert Diess, chairman of Volkswagen’s passenger cars brand, fronts the media ahead of his meeting at the European Commission. Yves Herman/Reuters

Volkswagen outrage shows limits of corporate power

Why would anyone accept that corporations could possibly be responsible and ethical in the first place?
China knows the smart money is on renewables, and not just because of climate change. Reuters/Carlos Barria

Want to see the business case for green energy? Just look at China

China is pouring money into clean energy - not just to tackle climate change but because these are economically fruitful industries. And as China develops them, the technologies will get cheaper for everyone.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced pledged to adopt a national emissions trading scheme from 2017. EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS/AAP

China announces national emissions trading scheme – experts react

China, the world's biggest greenhouse emitter, will set up a national emissions trading scheme beginning in 2017. Our experts react to the announcement, made during President Xi Jinping's US state visit.

Exciting times for the Financial System

Like Malcolm Turnbull, the head of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Wayne Byres, is a glass half full type of guy. In a speech to the Institute of Actuaries this week, Mr Byres was…

Do the Crime, Do the Time

As part of the government’s newly found willingness to send ministers jetting off to far-flung places to find out what is actually going on (and gaining credits in the polls for doing so), the Prime Minister…
AAP/Dean Lewins

Banks and government on warning

Regulators tend to talk in convoluted riddles, deliberately torturing the language such that one is able to read into their official statements almost anything one wants. Who can forget the patron saint…

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