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Northumbria University, Newcastle

As a research-rich, business-focussed, professional University, Northumbria creates and applies knowledge that transforms lives and makes a powerful cultural and economic impact. Based in two of the UK’s best student cities, Newcastle and London, Northumbria is one of the largest universities in the UK with more than 33,000 students from 135 countries. These students are at the heart of an outstanding experience, with world-leading research and award-winning partnerships driving and informing academic excellence, making Northumbria a new kind of excellent university.


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Don’t make a fuss: the Ukrainian women’s ski relay team celebrate their win at Sochi. Dmitry Lovetsky/AP

IOC rules at Sochi go too far with ban on black armbands

During the Sochi Games, much has been written about “ambush marketing”, and its applications at, and around, the Olympics. At Sochi2014, there have already been many examples of non-sponsors exploiting…
Hero or traitor? Bradley Manning will have years to ponder the question. EPA/Shawn Thew

35 years for Manning, and time for better whistleblowing laws

Bradley Manning, the whistleblower behind the biggest leak of military secrets in history, has been sentenced to 35 years imprisonment. Convicted for six offences under the Espionage Act, he will have…
Public interest: many Americans feel that Edward Snowden acted on their behalf. Michael Fleshman via Creative Commons

Patriot games: the odds are stacked against whistleblower Snowden

The debate about whether Edward Snowden is a public interest whistleblower - the “Paul Revere” of the digital age, as his father and lawyer have dubbed him, or a “traitor”, as former vice-president Dick…
Austerity’s unlikely winner? Drug image via

Arbitrary austerity fuels organised crime in Europe

Until the 1990s, Europeans viewed themselves to be generally unaffected by the activities of organised crime, with the notable exception of Italy and, to a minor extent, Germany. But now, Europol’s recently…


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