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Quadram Institute

The Quadram Institute is at the forefront of a new era of food and health research, working at the interface between food science, gut biology and health. It will develop solutions to worldwide challenges in food-related disease and human health, with a lifelong focus from establishing optimum health at birth through to ensuring we age healthily. The Quadram Institute is assembling interdisciplinary teams and working with appropriate international organisations to address these major issues. Scientists and clinicians working together under one roof will deliver innovative new healthcare solutions.

Genome scientists, microbiologists, immunologists, gut biologists, mathematicians, clinicians, food scientists and nutritionists will link with each other across the fundamental and translational research pipeline: from lab to bedside, food to plate, and diet to health to deliver scientifically-validated and clinically-tested strategies to improve human health and wellbeing throughout life. The Quadram Institute will build on recent understanding of how food and the gut microbes interact, which is creating a fundamental shift in the way we understand and address the impact of food on health.


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