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FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, right, and President Trump at a Coronavirus Task Force meeting March 19, 2020. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

FDA is departing from long-standing procedures to deal with public health crises, and this may foreshadow problems for COVID-19 vaccines

The rushed emergency approval for a treatment that might help COVID-19 patients has raised questions: Is the FDA abandoning its own guidelines?
Shutterstock / Chamille White

La homeopatía suspende matemáticas

La homeopatía no tiene base científica, ni es una técnica milenaria: consiste en diluir a escalas cósmicas una sustancia de eficacia no demostrada para después pulverizarla sobre bolitas de sacarosa o lactosa.
The University of Dayton Arena, where March Madness will kick off again this year. Greenstrat

How much math do you need to win your March Madness pool?

You want to pick the 'favorites,' to get accuracy points. But you also want to pick some 'underdogs,' to set yourself apart from the pack. Somewhere in the middle is an optimal solution.


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