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Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University (SMU) has established a reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and academic excellence in redefining tertiary education. SMU introduced pedagogy previously unseen in Singapore, and has shown how a broad-based education and interactive teaching environment in small-size classes produces graduates well-prepared for the demands of the real world. Known as a pioneer in its holistic admissions approach of recruiting all-rounded, multi-talented students and incorporating leadership and soft skills training in the undergraduate curriculum, SMU embraces its mission to create and disseminate knowledge, aspiring to generate leading edge research with global impact as well as to produce broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy.


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Language plays a central role in facilitating effective communication by allowing people to express their thoughts, share essential information and establish connections with one another. (Shutterstock)

Language-related misunderstanding at work: What it is, why it occurs and what organizations can do about it

When language falls short of its ability to facilitate communication in the workplace, it can lead to misinterpretation and a sense of disconnection or exclusion.
Craig Stennett/Getty Images

Without Indigenous leadership, attempts to stop the tide of destruction against nature will fail

Almost 200 countries are reckoning with the world’s extraordinary loss of the variety of life at the COP15 nature summit in Canada. Here’s why Indigenous involvement is crucial.
La dissimulation d’informations concernant les effets secondaires d’un médicament peut provoquer des scandales sanitaires. Philippe Merle / AFP

Essais cliniques : la transparence est bénéfique pour la santé publique… mais aussi pour les investisseurs

En diminuant l’asymétrie d’information, les données sur ce type d’études aident notamment les acteurs des marchés financiers à évaluer l’avantage concurrentiel des entreprises pharmaceutiques.
President Trump and Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison insist it matters whether China is classified as “developed” or “developing” in the World Trade Organisation matters. It may not. Shutterstock

Myth busted: China’s status as a developing country gives it few benefits in the World Trade Organisation

In complaining about China’s alleged special treatment by the World Trade Organization, US President Donald Trump and Australia’s Scott Morrison are pointing to something that isn’t really there.
L’informatique dématérialisée est devenu un outil du quotidien mais sa sécurité est remise en cause. Mark Warner/Flickr

Pourquoi il est impératif de sécuriser ses clouds

L’informatique dématérialisée est devenue un outil du quotidien mais sa sécurité est remise en cause. De nouvelles méthodes sont développées pour prévenir la violation des données.
Cloud computing has become every-day tool, but its security is questionable. New methods are developed to prevent data breaches. Mark Warner/Flickr

Why we need to improve cloud computing’s security

Cloud computing is on the rise, but so are questions about its security. This is why we need systems where the data itself enforces security, not just the cloud system within which it is contained.


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