Université catholique de Louvain

Tracing its roots to 1425, Université catholique de Louvain is one of the oldest universities in the world and has a rich history. In 1502, Erasmus took his first year of study there. Today it accommodates around 27,000 students of 127 nationalities and some 5,000 teaching, research, administrative and technical staff.

It has educated a large part of Belgium’s elite and is still considered, with its Dutch-speaking sister university, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, as a centre of excellence in many fields. In 2006, it was ranked 76th in the world universities ranking established by the Times Higher Education supplement (24th in Europe).


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Première « Nuit debout », le 31 mars 2016, Place de la République à Paris. Nuit debout

#NuitDebout : le retour des indignés ?

Les mouvements de protestation provoqués par la « loi travail » pourraient-ils se transformer en alternative politique ? Première analyse.
Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP

OGM : où est passé le débat ?

Pour sortir de la confrontation stérile entre pro et anti-OGM, il faut d’abord s’interroger sur ce que pourrait être le modèle agricole le plus souhaitable.
Flanders Fields was once the frontline of war – it now is a place of remembrance. Mark Wainwright/Flickr

WWI commemorations in Belgium give a glimpse of a divided nation

In Belgium as in Australia, there are no longer any surviving veterans of the Great War to witness the commemorations of its centenary. However, just as in Australia, there remains an immense interest…
People should not be hungry with the food, resources, and technology at our disposal. PA

Staying alive shouldn’t depend on your purchasing power

How much would you pay for staying alive? How much would you pay for breathing pure air? That may seem a silly question since air is everywhere, accessible to all. Air is a global public good, part of…

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