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Established in 1850, the University of Sydney was Australia’s first tertiary education institution. It is committed to maximising the potential of its students, teachers and researchers for the benefit of Australia and the wider world.


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Congestion charging will reduce Australian traffic loads. Burning image/Flickr

The case for congestion charging in Australia

As you sit in your usual morning traffic jam, increasingly agitated, blood pressure flying, do you continually wonder “Why can’t they fix this mess?” Widen some roads. Build some new links. Improve the…
NGOs, public health associations and consumer organisations disagree with industry groups about the most useful system for labelling our foods.

Food industry digs in heels over traffic light labels

The fight over how to label our food has never been more intense. On one side of the argument we have public health associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and consumer groups looking for effective…
An easy victory for Barry O'Farrell, but now the real work begins. AAP/Dean Lewins

State of NSW: Absolute power can be dangerous

The trite stuff to say about the NSW election would begin with phrases like “bloodletting” or “slaughter”. It would involve excessive attention to serial mismanagement (political and policy) and the decline…
Both major parties in the NSW election campaign have pledged to increase spending on hospitals. AAP/Paul Miller

State of NSW: What next for patients suffering health reform fatigue?

The debate about health in the lead-up to the Saturday March 26 NSW election has been unusually civilised and intelligent. The main contestants – the current minister, Carmel Tebbutt, and shadow minister…

Prime suspects

Mathematical physicists have taken a step towards solving a 150-year-old maths puzzle. The Riemann hypothesis is considered…


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