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University of the West of England

The University of the West of England (also known as UWE Bristol, or simply UWE) is a university located near the city of Bristol, United Kingdom. The university can trace its roots back to the foundation of the Merchant Venturers Navigation School in 1595, to which the Universities of Bristol and Bath also partly owe their origins.

UWE has consistently been ranked among the top ten new universities in the UK and has always scored ‘excellent’ in the teaching assessments carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency. The university is also rated the fourth best university in the UK for Law according to the UK Law Society. The volume of world-leading research at UWE Bristol has gone up by 170%, with the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 results revealing that 57% of the research submitted by UWE was judged to be either world leading or internationally excellent. The results highlight UWE’s particular strengths in the areas of allied health and nursing, and communications, cultural and media studies. Results were also outstanding in areas such as architecture, built environment and planning; engineering, including the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, the largest robotics lab in Europe; art and design; computer science; and business and management.


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German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier with Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu Hassan in October 2023. Bernd von Jutrczenka/picture alliance via Getty Images

300,000 Tanzanians were killed by Germany during the Maji-Maji uprising – it was genocide and should be called that

The evidence suggests that atrocities committed against civilians and communities were indeed intended to destroy an identifiable group.
Experiencing skin-shade prejudice can impact on a person’s self-confidence and their relationships. AS photostudio | Shutterstock

Colourism: how skin-shade prejudice impacts black men in the UK

Skin-shade prejudice can have a lasting impact both on people’s self-confidence and on who they in turn find attractive. Understanding how it works is key to resisting it.
Developmental language disorder may be missed as it often doesn’t appear foremost as a language impairment. (Shutterstock)

If your child has reading, school or social struggles, it may be DLD: Developmental language disorder

Developmental language disorder affects more than seven per cent of children, yet is not well known. If your child struggles in school, social interactions or reading, the underlying issue may be DLD.
Mungkin untuk membatasi keterpaparan Anda dengan gambar tubuh yang terasa jauh dari jangkauan - jadi pilihlah dengan bijak siapa yang Anda ikuti. Hannah Grace/Unsplash

Cerdas mengikuti konten media sosial bisa bantu perempuan bangun citra tubuh positif

Positivitas tubuh bertujuan untuk menantang standar kecantikan yang dangkal dan menganjurkan penerimaan dan apresiasi tubuh dalam segala bentuk, ukuran, dan penampilan.


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