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Sebastiano alessio Delre

Associate Professor, Montpellier Business School

I got my PhD in marketing at the University of Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands) and worked as assistant professor at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy). Now I am Associate Professor at Montpellier Business School (Montpellier, France). My research interests revolve around marketing phenomena such as social influence, network science, innovation diffusion, new product introduction, social media and advertising. I am very much interested in new types of social influences that affect the way people interact and how consumers adopt, purchase and consume goods and services. For example, in my recent work, I study how shared consumption, i.e. consuming goods together with other consumers, can affect the diffusion of new products. My research is very committed to high quality. I am a driven researcher who always strives for innovative ideas, original investigation, relevant implications, and rigorous method. My passion in research is driven by a real and genuine interest in how people make decisions and how they affect each other. I am just fascinated by how people behave, either rationally or irrationally. This is why my work focuses on marketing phenomena that involve human decision making and their social consequences. Methodologically, I consider myself a data scientist. I enjoy working with data of any kind and my approach is very practical and at the interface among social science, statistics and computer science. My work also focuses on the use of big data and computational methods such as agent-based-models to study marketing dynamics and to simulate the effects of managers’ decisions on the real market.