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The bruising second presidential debate was dominated by accusations of sexual misconduct. Gary He/EPA

Race to the White House – the vicious debate, the future of the GOP, and Clinton’s emails

Race to the White House - Episode #5. The Conversation, CC BY-SA78.2 MB (download)

This week on Race to the White House, Brendon O’Connor, Tom Switzer and Emma Lancaster are joined by Nicole Hemmer to examine the second presidential debate, in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in a bruising town-hall-style debate in St Louis.

Many have labelled it as the most vicious debate in America’s political history. But did this exchange alter the trajectory for the race to the White House?

And while the Republican Party may have commenced a civil war within its ranks, the panel discusses whether the party is transitioning from one of ideas to a coalition of interests.

And finally, the panel shines a spotlight on the Clinton WikiLeaks email dump and considers whether the Kremlin has weaponised the online publisher to meddle in the presidential race.

Race to the White House podcast is a collaboration between the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, 2ser 107.3 and The Conversation.

Emma Lancaster is a multi-platform journalist, and is the producer of The Wire on 2ser 107.3. If you have questions about the podcast or have any suggestions about what we should discuss, contact Emma Lancaster on

2ser 107.3 is a community radio station jointly owned by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney.

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