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Articles on Carbon sequestration

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EU states have agreed that CCS is vital, but progress is slow. Owen Humphreys/PA

Explainer: what is carbon capture and storage?

The Energy Technologies Institute recently reported that without carbon capture and storage (CCS), the cost of reaching the UK’s climate change targets will double from around £30 billion per year in 2050…
Trees may be a better bet than soil for carbon reduction on the land. NFGMan/Flickr

Are farmers the future of carbon management?

Both the current Government and Opposition are relying on agriculture and forestry to bear much of the burden of Australia’s emission reduction. But are they building their hopes on sand? The way we manage…
Whether more power stations should switch to burning wood or biomass is debatable. David Cheskin/PA

If we burn wood for energy, we can’t have our cake and eat it

Many countries have turned to the planet’s forests to meet their need for renewable energy, burning wood chips and pellets produced at home or abroad in power stations to generate electricity. But a report…

Study reveals potential to farm carbon

Research conducted at the Everglades Research Park at Florida Gulf Coast University has shown the potential for man-made…
If deforestation is cut down, the world’s forests could act as a large net sink for carbon emissions. Flickr/

Explainer: how much carbon can the world’s forests absorb?

You are walking through the bush when you see an enormous tree trunk, tens of metres long, lying across the forest floor. Imagine you and several dozen friends lifting it by hand. Now you’ve literally…

Missing part in carbon budget discovered

While it was previously thought that charcoal remained in the soil where it was formed, a new discovery has been made that…

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