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You’ve got a message. Hackers knew that before you. Akshat Rathi

The real phone hacking scandal is in your pocket

There are now more mobile devices than people on our planet. The amount of personal data we share through mobile devices is also increasing. So it is not surprising that cyber-criminals want a piece of…
Will Anonymous’s latest efforts have any lasting effect? Warner Bros. Pictures

Anonymous launches largest-ever attack in defence of Megaupload

The largest-ever cyber attack by hacker collective Anonymous has brought down the websites of several large organisations, including the US Department of Justice and the FBI. The attacks started early…
Because many people use the same password on multiple sites, hacks that expose login details can create new risks. Flickr/Davide Restivo website hacked, more than 600 passwords exposed

Hackers have infiltrated popular job-search website and posted the login details and passwords of over 600 users onto the public website Pastebin. Exposing login details is dangerous because…
We’ve come to view operating securely online as a given, but it’s not. shellygrrl

Comodo Hacker, TurkGuvenligi … out for lulz or breaking the internet?

Two recent hacking incidents have highlighted the increasing fragility of the internet’s core infrastructure. They serve as a stark reminder that online security is somewhat illusory. The weaknesses have…
Are reactions against the infamous hacking group a sign of generational conflict? JacobDavis

Are Anonymous hackers really on trial, or is FBI payback misdirected?

It’s a scene reminiscent of a thousand police dramas: the FBI arrived at the door of 20-year-old journalism student Mercedes Haefer, guns drawn, at 6am one morning last July. She was still in her pyjamas…

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