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Apprenticeships are an integral part of our workforce. AAP

It’s time to overhaul Australia’s apprenticeship scheme

The ACTU is escalating a push through its case with Fair Work Australia to improve the wages of apprentices, many of whom are paid below the poverty line. There is a case for this and it is long overdue…
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce’s announced job cuts again places him in conflict with unions. AAP

More union conflict likely to come as Qantas cuts jobs

Plans announced by Qantas to cut 500 jobs have been greeted with dismay by unions, who have warned they will hold chief executive Alan Joyce to his promise that maintenance jobs will not go overseas. Qantas…
An early agreement with at least one Qantas union has been reached despite strong rhetoric on both sides. AAP

The Qantas disputes: one agreement made, two to go?

Qantas management has made an early agreement with the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) in a deal that reflects compromise by both parties, despite earlier strong rhetoric from…
International examples show that quicker access to arbitration could have avoided the drastic action taken by Qantas chief Alan Joyce. AAP

Qantas case shows the need for interest arbitration

As the Qantas dispute moves into the arbitration phase in Fair Work Australia (FWA), it is timely to consider whether the tests for access to arbitration under the Fair Work Act need refining. Prompted…
Will arbitration by Fair Work Australia provide the outcome Qantas chief Alan Joyce wants? Not necessarily. AAP

The Qantas dispute: What next and a recap

Memo to the Qantas public relations team: if you mount a Twitter campaign calling for travellers’ luxury flying experiences in the middle of an unresolved industrial dispute, be aware there might be a…
After 20 years of enterprise bargaining, are we seeing an unintended return to compulsory arbitration? AAP

First Qantas, now nurses. Has the IR game changed?

With the threat of further industrial action at Qantas looming and Victorian nurses continuing with their rolling work bans, you could be forgiven for thinking that Australia has entered a new phase of…
Alan Joyce walked with staff in August - but what will win them back now? AAP

How might Qantas rebuild relations with its workforce?

It is possible to rebuild relations after major disputes. British Airways is currently trying to do just that after a long industrial-relations dispute with many of its flight attendants. Qantas’s CEO…
An adversarial approach is not the only - or even the best - way to resolve the Qantas dispute. AAP

Bargaining the Qantas way: how not to run an industrial dispute

Nearly all of the analysis and critique of the Qantas saga since the grounding has turned on the designs of principal players, their behaviours in the moment and the vagaries of the Fair Work Act. It has…
There is more behind the Qantas lockout than short-term industrial disputes. AAP

Qantas is waving the Australian flag … goodbye

As the initial shock of the Qantas lockout of its workforce abates, it is time to consider the wider implications of this action. One lesson is the folly of national identification of companies that are…
In debate over the Qantas IR dispute, the truth of the Fair Work Act is the elephant in the room. AAP

Before calling for reform, let’s get our Fair Work facts straight

The drawn-out dispute between Qantas and unions that led to the airline’s entire fleet being grounded over the weekend has sparked calls for reform of Australia’s industrial relations laws. Business leaders…
Qantas flights are back in the air after Fair Work Australia ordered the termination of industrial action. AAP

Fair Work Australia decision reveals the flaw in Qantas’ strategy

The Fair Work Australia (FWA) decision on the Qantas industrial dispute makes it clear the action by the three unions was not enough to trigger a decision by FWA to terminate the bargaining periods. A…
FWA used legislation enacted in 1993 to protect the economy from protracted industrial action. AAP

Why Fair Work Australia terminated the Qantas industrial action

Read the Fair Work Australia decision here Read Roy Green, Dean of UTS Business School: Planes set to fly again - but what now for Qantas? Read our previous coverage here The decision by Fair Work Australia…
Qantas management have taken a risky approach to end their dispute with unions. AFP/William West

Planes set to fly again - but what now for Qantas?

Qantas planes are set to return to the air today after Fairwork Australia ruled to terminate an industrial dispute that grounded the airline over the weekend. The extraordinary action on Saturday by Qantas…
Staff are due to be locked out by Qantas management at 8pm on Monday.

Qantas grounding: expert comment

The stakes are high for both the union movement and Qantas, as a Fairwork Australia hearing aimed at ending the industrial crisis which has grounded Qantas planes continues this evening. Qantas wants Fairwork…

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