Paris 2015 Climate Summit

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The first ever ‘red alert’ day in Beijing: reducing air pollution is one of the primary reasons for government action on climate change. Reuters

Why China and the US have found common purpose on climate change

The US-China relationship is crucial to any global deal on climate change. How strong is their common commitment to working on climate change, and can it last?
Robinson: ‘Climate change is a threat multiplier.’ James Akena/Reuters

Mary Robinson: climate change ‘very likely’ to increase radicalisation

UN special envoy and former Irish president Mary Robinson talks to leading experts about the 2015 Paris climate negotiations.

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If, as a global community, we refuse to rise to this challenge – if we continue to allow calculated obstruction to derail the urgency of this moment – we will be liable for a collective moral failure of historic consequence. US Secretary of State John Kerry



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