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With the 457 visa scrapped, the new visa work program will have tightened work experience and English language requirements. Bernadett Szabo/Reuters

Australian government axes 457 work visa: experts react

The Turnbull government is axing the 457 visa program and replacing it with a new Temporary Skill Shortage Visa but it might not have the desired affect on the labour market.
The majority of 457 visa holders are skilled workers. AAP/Alan Porritt

Business Briefing: breaking down the 457 visa myths

Business Briefing: breaking down the 457 visa myths. The Conversation16.4 MB (download)
Policies targeting the 457 visa workers scheme aren't going to improve the employment prospects for low skilled workers and Australia's unemployed, an expert says.
ACTU President Ged Kearney has warned the China Australia Free Trade Agreement could lock out Australian workers. Is that true? AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

FactCheck: could the China-Australia FTA lock out Australian workers?

ACTU President Ged Kearney has warned the recently signed China-Australia Free Trade Agreement could lock out Australian workers. Is that true?
In the hospitality sector, employers are 13 times more likely to prefer 457 visa workers than similar Australian workers, data shows. George Alexander Ishida Newman

Evidence of employers misusing 457 visas shows need for reform

New analysis shows that some employers readily admit they use 457 visa workers even when there is no skills shortage in their sector, suggesting that tougher regulation is needed.
Australia has changed from primarily being a destination for permanent settlers to having an increasing number of temporary arrivals. Ben Beiske/Flickr (modified)

Speaking with: Shanthi Robertson on the changing face of migration

Shanthi Robertson on the changing face of migration.
Immigration is a contentious topic in many parts of the world, and the debate in Australia has been predictably framed around asylum seekers, the burdens on taxpayers and the protection of local jobs…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the selection of five sectors for “growth centres” is not picking winners but “playing to our strengths”. Lukas Coch/AAP

Competitiveness agenda lays path for industry-led innovation: experts react

The federal government has released its National Industry Investment and Competitiveness Agenda, committing around A$400 million towards “industry growth centres”, new tax incentives for employee share…
With 457 visa reform, the Coalition is retracing old and risk-laden territory. Stefan Postles/AAP

457 visa reformers should remember our shady skilled migration history

Temporary labour migration in Australia is a highly vexed issue. On the one hand those advocating a rethink of the 457 visa are accused of “turning away skilled, net-contributors to the Australian project…
The government focus on economic migration has meant increased private sector power over who becomes Australian. Kit/Flickr

Australia has outsourced migration policy to the private sector

Australia’s migration policy has shifted significantly in the past 20 years, leaving a system subject to widespread rorting and controversy. If there is a single lesson to be learnt from the revelations…
The migration industry is out of control, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Jack Tran/AAP

Skilled migration is in trouble, but don’t shoot the messenger

Recently leaked Immigration department documents reveal considerable rates of visa fraud in the Australian immigration system. This is of grave concern to the Australian public, especially as unemployment…
Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Senator Michaelia Cash has kicked off a review of 457 visas, but the Australian Workforce Productivity Agency won’t be playing a role. Stefan Postles/AAP

Skilled migration strategy falls victim to red tape busters

Although few working Australians would be familiar with the work of the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, all of us depend on it to some degree. In a shortsighted move, the government has decided…

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