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The question for literature scholars is not should we return to Munro’s stories, but how will we read them now? Alice Munro at a press conference in Dublin, in 2009. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Re-reading Alice Munro in the light of the secrets she kept and pain she caused

Scholars have an opportunity — if not an obligation — to use our re-readings to reckon with sexual abuse of children and the silence that so often surrounds it.
Alice Munro (left) receives her 1986 Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language fiction from Governor General Jeanne Sauvé in Toronto, 1987. (CP PHOTO/Blaise Edwards)

The Gothic horror of Alice Munro: A reckoning with the darkness behind a feminist icon

An essay by Alice Munro’s daughter about childhood sexual abuse has forced a reckoning with the legacy of the feminist icon and writer acclaimed for her ability to give voice to women’s lives.
Aubree Erickson, Heather Marie Annis, Ellen Denny and Siobhan O’Malley star in a 2021 production of ‘Post Alice,’ by playwright Taylor Marie Graham. The play is also being mounted at the Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story. (Claire Scott, York Lane Art Collective)

Alice Munro wrote a 1970s play in southwestern Ontario — and continues to inspire regional theatre

After Alice Munro’s recent passing, a 2021 play, ‘Post Alice,’ celebrates the author’s focus on Southwestern Ontario women’s stories. It will be performed on the Blyth Festival Theatre stage.
Master of the short story: Alice Munro. Julien Behal/PA

Alice Munro Nobel a victory for the neglected short story

The announcement of Alice Munro as 2013’s winner of the Nobel Prize for literature marks the high point in the 82-year old writer’s long career, but also a significant recognition for the form with which…

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