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Graduates listen during a convocation ceremony at Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, B.C., in May 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Arts graduate education in Canada should be redesigned around students’ and society’s needs

Canada needs the arts, with its insights into human behaviour and thinking, more than ever. But governments and funding agencies should shift funding models for arts graduate education.
Cicero defined ‘liberal arts’ in a book he wrote about rhetoric in a republic. ra-photos/E+ via Getty Images

What are the liberal arts? A literature scholar explains

When people hear the term ‘liberal arts,’ it may sound like a phrase with political overtones. A scholar of literature explains why that’s wrong and takes a closer look at its origin and meaning.
‘The Sad and Cheerful Story of a Certain Dandelion’ was a theatre project in Poland that saw students create a script encouraging audiences to protect the local species. (Shutterstock)

Arts activities can provoke empathy and inspire youth action on urgent UN global goals

For young people seeking to engage with the world’s most critical challenges, the UN Sustainable Development Goals can serve as an entry point. The arts open up possibilities to take action.
Public protests forced a backdown on a proposed merger of university art schools, but their value to cities is still being underestimated. Joel Carrett/AAP

Why arts schools matter, not just for art’s sake but for urban renewal in Sydney and other cities

Art schools are emerging globally as very powerful instruments of urban renewal. In a time of transformation, Sydney must learn to tap into the value of having multiple art colleges.
Louise Wilson died on May 16, aged 52. Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Louise Wilson was a formidable, passionate force in fashion

The news that Louise Wilson has died held particular force for me, as someone who worked with her for ten years. She was the head of MA fashion at Central Saint Martins School of Art (CSM), and someone…
Arts should not just be the parsley garnish on the academic sandwich. Alaskan Dude

The new national arts curriculum could make for better schools

If we want our children to do better academically and socially studying the arts could be the key to success. By ignoring arts education we could be jeopardising our kids’ opportunities to achieve and…

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