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You probably wouldn’t try to drive across Antarctica in a regular Hilux. Michael Ashley

The Antarctica Diaries: week six

Professor Michael Ashley recently returned from Antarctica where he was deploying a telescope to one of the most remote locations on Earth – a place known as Ridge A, 850km from the South Pole. This is…
When you’re trying to fly to the South Pole, weather-related delays are a frustrating reality. Michael Ashley

The Antarctica Diaries: week two

Professor Michael Ashley is currently in Antarctica to deploy a telescope to one of the most remote locations on Earth – a place known as Ridge A, some 850km from the South Pole. This is the second instalment…

Superfast spinning star found

The star with the fastest rotation ever recorded has been discovered by researchers at the University of California, Santa…
Finding quasars will help us understand how galaxies were formed. NASA

Back to where we started: tracing the origins of galaxies

Today, the University of Melbourne’s Professor Stuart Wyithe was awarded the 2011 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year for his work on the origin of galaxies. The multi-award winning…
Professor Brian Schmidt helped discover that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. Belinda Pratten

Australian astrophysicist wins Nobel Prize

An astrophysicist from the Australian National University has jointly won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for his part in…
Science follows certain procedures, but does the media get the signal? CSIRO

Diamond planets, climate change and the scientific method

Recently my colleagues and I announced the discovery of a remarkable planet orbiting a special kind of star known as a pulsar. Based on the planet’s density, and the likely history of its system, we concluded…
Even the Hubble telescope, which took this picture of Bright Spiral Galaxy M81, is not capable of taking the wide-angle shots needed for all sky astrophysics, so new equipment must be invented. NASA

New all-sky astrophysics research centre to tackle the big questions

Some astronomical questions can only be answered by looking at the whole sky all at once but the technology to do that doesn’t…
Get to grips with the latest development in cosmic couture. NASA

Our new antimatter belt … all the rage in 2011

In the past week, many media outlets have reported the discovery of an antimatter “belt” circling the earth. A range of potential uses for this belt have already been floated – perhaps the most exciting…
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured images of a storm on Saturn so big, it has wrapped itself around the giant planet. NASA

Ever wondered what a storm on Saturn sounds like?

NASA has released photographs and audio of a powerful lightning storm on the planet Saturn that is eight times the surface…
Artistic view of a close-up of a supermassive black hole. This image shows the material surrounding the black hole, which ultimately will fall in the central region releasing the X-ray radiation detected in this work. NASA/CXC/A.Hobart

Scientists discover ancient black holes

Astrophysicists have discovered black holes that formed up to 12.5 billion years ago – among the oldest examples of the phenomena…
Scientists believe dark matter makes up 23% of the universe. NASA

New chatter on dark matter

Dark matter has worked its way back into the news in the last few days with the completion of a detection experiment in a tunnel deep under the Italian Alps. Researchers from Columbia University used a…

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