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Joe Hockey has made no secret of his republican leanings, yet his right to seek to revive debate on the issue has been questioned. Reuters/Jason Lee

What is it about a republic that stumps our leaders?

It has significant public support across party lines, but politicians who advocate Australia becoming a republic are likely to have their priorities and even their right to do so questioned.
The Australian flag is flown at Anzac Day parades but it’s not the flag that soldiers at Gallipoli fought under. AAP Image/ Dan Himbrechts

Anzacs flew the Union Jack but now we need to wave our own flag

When Australian soldiers fought at Gallipoli, they did so under the Union Jack. Our flag has changed since then and debates about national identity have shifted. Is it now time for a new flag?
Southern Stars: a new Australian flag design by Dr Benjamin T. Jones. Artwork by Jake Heath

Wave! It’s a flag for all Australians

Australia has never had a truly national flag. While we currently fly one of our dominion status ensigns, we have never had the same debate when we abandoned God Save the Queen and embraced an anthem of…
Designing a national flag is a difficult task and cannot be done in isolation. EPA/Mast Irham

Where would the Union Jack’s demise leave the Aussie flag?

It’s coincidental that a renewed call for a “post-colonial” New Zealand flag has been made by Prime Minister John Key in the same year an independence referendum in Scotland may lead to the end of the…
What would an Australian flag that acknowledged our past, present, and future look like? John Blaxland

A proposal for a new, mature Australian flag

As we know, there’s a divide between those who would support a new Australian flag and those who believe the current flag is fine. And even those who declare an interest in a new flag are divided on what…
The Kiwis are going to vote on a change of flag. What does the Australian flag mean these days? Matthew Kenwrick

What are you waving that Aussie flag for?

Do flags matter? Well, if the news from New Zealand is any guide, they do. Holding a referendum or two to change the flag, as proposed by that country’s parliament, will not be cheap. Assuming our friends…

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