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In short, less advantaged students require significant additional supports, well beyond acknowledging their diverse pathways for entry into a degree program. Alan Porritt/AAP

ANU’s new entrance criteria won’t do much to improve equity

From 2020, ANU will require students to meet co-curricular requirements alongside ATAR. This significant policy shift is meant to improve equity of access, but won’t change much.
The University of Sydney is hoping to chart a path to climate-safe investment. University of Sydney

Universities are (slowly) feeling their way forward on divestment

Another Australian university has outlined plans to reduce the exposure of its investments to climate change, and is taking a contrasting approach to the Australian National University’s high-profile divestment…
Universities in the US have led the divestment charge - the ANU is leading the Australian movement. Light Brigading/Flickr

Divestment backlash shows companies need to improve sustainability reporting

Tony Abbott’s criticisms of the ANU’s divestment decision will come back to bite him. The tide of change is such that Vice-Chancellor Ian Young and the ANU Council will be seen as leaders. Others will…
ANU’s divestment decision is only worth A$16 million - but the outcry suggests it will be more influential than the numbers suggest. AAP Image

Outrage at ANU divestment shows the power of its idea

Is the Australian National University’s decision to sell its shares in some resource companies merely tokenistic? Far from it. The outrage from the affected companies shows how much influence universities…
There were protests against cuts to the ANU’s school of music, but the changes were sorely needed. Flickr/Orangedrummerboy

ANU music school cuts: Musicians need to keep in time

The current crisis at the ANU School of Music has widely been reported as being, fundamentally, about money. The Australian National University’s (ANU) Vice-Chancellor Ian Young has cut ten academic and…
Alice Giles performs at a protest against the staff cuts at the ANU School of Music. Flickr/Orangedrummerboy

ANU music school cuts will ‘destroy its reputation’

The Australian National University will proceed with plans to slash academic staff at its School of Music by almost half, in a bid to make it “financially sustainable … without being an unacceptable burden…
The University of Melbourne will oversee a new effort to measure the returns on science investments. Flickr/Geoff Penaluna

Top Australian unis to test new science metrics system

The University of Melbourne and Australian National University will perform a “stocktake” of all scientific research projects at the two institutions from the electronic era in an effort to map their social…
Ken Henry served as Treasury Secretary for 10 years. AAP/Alan Porritt

Ex-Treasury boss Ken Henry to head public policy body

Former Treasury boss Ken Henry is headed to the Australian National University, where he will lead a new public policy institute modelled on Harvard University’s renowned Kennedy School of Government…
Students walk through the grounds at the Australian National University. AAP/Alan Porritt

ANU prepares to slash up to 150 jobs

The Australian National University is preparing to cut up to 150 staff as it looks for ways to save $40 million, and protect the university from declining investment returns and increasing capital investment…

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