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Shinzo Abe is determined to resuscitate Japan’s flagging economy by targeting a 2% rate of inflation and promoting private investment. But will it work? AAP

‘Abenomics’: a fix for Japan’s ailing economy and a boost for Australia

The Japanese economy has been stuck in a liquidity trap for almost a decade. Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is now in his second stint in office, wants to take radical steps to retrieve…
The Australian dollar’s rally in response to more expansive monetary policy from Japan isn’t likely to last, as Japan wrestles with domestic and political reforms.

Why the Australian dollar’s rise against the yen won’t last

The coordinated policies of the Bank of Japan and the Japanese government in increasing money supply has had some interesting short-term implications for the Australian dollar. Since the Bank of Japan…
The replacement of Tom Albanese by Sam Walsh as Rio Tinto chief following write-downs on Riversdale Mining in Mozambique indicates some of the continuing difficulties of working in developing countries. AAP

Despite tough lessons for Australian miners, transparency should still be a goal

Two recent events have highlighted the potential pitfalls of miners doing business in developing states. The first was the departure of Tom Albanese as Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive following a $13.3 billion…

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