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Both biology and culture likely contribute to our reproductive behaviour. TZIDO SUN/Shutterstock

Maternal instinct and biology: evolution ensures we want sex, not babies

Is a woman’s longing for a child evolution at work, or social conditioning? And what about those who don’t want kids? Are they defying nature? Probably not, as almost everyone wants sex.
Freeze your eggs or free your career? Woman via g-stockstudio/Shutterstock

Babies in your 30s? Don’t worry, your great-grandma did it too

The shift towards late motherhood – commonly defined as motherhood after 35 – is often presented as a story of progress and technological liberation from the biological clock. The narrative goes something…
Men play an equal, if not larger, role in passing on genetic mutations to their children. Bettina Neuefeind

Men’s ‘biological clock’ linked to schizophrenia and autism

We all know about the reproductive “biological clock” in women reminding them of the finite time in which they can have children. Now researchers have found evidence that men also have a reproductive “best…

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