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Articles on Business and climate change

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Businesses can make up for inaction on climate by government by investing in energy and fuel efficiency. Walmart/flickr

Government action isn’t enough for climate change. The private sector can cut billions of tons of carbon

Without the private sector cutting carbon emissions – rather than just lobbying the government for action on climate – the world will never reach the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement.
Google last week announced that it is on target to power its operations 100 percent by renewable energy, an example of businesses trying to change the energy system. Pixabay

Trump, carbon neutrality and the next phase of business sustainability

With a Trump administration hostile to action on climate change, businesses need to go beyond just complying with environmental regulations and take on the whole system.
Australia has committed to a long-term global average temperature increase to no more than two degrees Celsius – yet often envisions a future in which its is a major coal exporter. EPA/FEDERICO GAMBARINI

A tale of two futures: Australia’s economy under climate change

When it comes to climate change and Australia's economic future, different crystal balls can produce vastly different results.
Extreme weather events, such as droughts, will impact businesses in many industries, particularly those that rely on natural resources. Jeff Tuttle/Reuters

How well prepared are businesses for climate change?

Industry is on the front lines of responding to the effects of climate change and forward-looking businesses are trying to shape policy -- before more stringent measures are imposed.
Is the city shrouded in a carbon bubble? Lars Plougman

Financial markets should take climate policy more seriously

The number of climate change laws on the statue books of the world’s leading economies grew from less than 40 in 1997 to almost 500 at the end of 2013. Most leading countries now have legal provisions…
Don’t tell me to calm down - emotional expression is an inherent part of social discourse. Flickr/paolaharvey

Hot under the collar about climate change? It’s natural

Climate change is an issue that fires the emotions. Our media is full of images of this emotional engagement, from the despair of a venture capitalist in tears as he describes his fear “that we’re not…

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